My Favorite Subject

Sad news today.  We had to put Layla down.  She’s been struggling the last few days.  But the last couple of days have been bad.  You could tell she was in a lot of pain.  The vet found blood in her stomach and explained that she had cancer on her spleen.  There was a 75% chance that it was even worse.

It is always hard to lose a beloved pet such as Layla.  Our world basically revolved around her like a child.  She was always a favorite subject during conversations with family and friends because everyone loved her.

As you can see from the attached gallery she was my favorite photography subject too.  Never complained.  Always regally posed no matter where she was hanging out.  Just take the damn picture and leave me alone.

She was always the subject of affection.  Especially by little girls.  You could practically do anything to that dog.  She didn’t care.  Again, anything for daddy’s photography passion.

So it is on to a better place to frolick with Mason, Chance II, Bandit, Toby, Iris, Bubby and all her other buddies from the last 12 years.  I’m sure the subject at hand is what a great life she and they had when they were with us.

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Subject

  1. Great photomontage! She was regal and such a lady. Thanks for the shout out to Chance. Jane, Rick and Anna


  2. She was a beautiful lab- we all loved her! The sweetest disposition ever- we will all miss her- and understand that you and Amy will feel it more than all of us… stay strong during this grieving period- time will help heal all wounds… Love to you both from all of us here in FL.


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